Bängeri celebrates: The Froosh x Etta brand campaign nominated for Brand and Partnership of the Year.

Blog 30.9.2022

The Music & Media event annually awards the best professionals in the music and media industry. The Froosh x Etta collaboration has been nominated for the 2022 Industry Awards in the Brand and Partnership category. Bänger was involved in implementing this successful collaboration. In this collaboration, the talented rap artist and singer Etta created a song for Fazer’s smoothie brand Froosh. Etta’s followers were able to participate in the songwriting process on social media. The “Froosh Baby” song and its accompanying music video were at the center of a visible multi-channel media campaign, which was also supported by TikTok influencer collaborations.

The collaboration was exceptionally inspiring for Etta. “Froosh was definitely the coolest collaboration I’ve ever been part of. It was an honor to have such a prominent role in the campaign of that brand. What made it even cooler was that I got to express myself in a way I love – making music. I feel that this was an important collaboration for my own brand’s visibility. It was great to communicate directly with my followers regarding the collaboration,” Etta rejoices.

The collaboration was also inspiring for Fazer. “At the core of our successful collaboration was the strong brand match between Froosh and Etta. Etta, who is lively, energetic, and vibrant by personality, and who smoothly made her mark in the music field in a year, was already known as a heavy user of Froosh smoothies. The tight and flexible collaboration with Etta’s team, Bänger, the record company, and the media agency is evident in the excellent results,” says Marikki Kippo, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Fazer. As a result of the campaign, Froosh’s brand awareness increased by 19% in the target audience, brand popularity increased by 11%, and Froosh’s sales grew significantly (Source: RedNote brand tracker, Froosh).