Gen Z understanding is reflected in the result: the Oreo case.

Blog 30.9.2022

The study on the use of cookies by young people sharpened the accuracy of the OREO Remix product launch and boosted the campaign’s commercial results.

In the spring of 2021, Bängeri conducted a study on behalf of Mondelez, the maker of OREO cookies, to understand the relationship between Finnish youth and cookies. The research aimed to uncover the purposes and frequency of cookie usage, preferences related to cookies, and the product selection young people make for their snacking moments. The first phase of the study was a quantitative survey, and its findings were further refined in a co-creation workshop involving young representatives from the target audience.

In the spring of 2022, OREO introduced two new flavors of Remix cookies to the market. Bängeri was responsible for the TikTok campaign for these products, which featured over twenty influencers. The campaign’s idea was to encourage and inspire young people to try the new OREO flavors in the spirit of “Stay Playful.”

The research conducted earlier had revealed three main user groups among young people: those who enjoy cookies as they are, those who like to customize cookies, and those who use cookies for baking. In the TikTok launch campaign, these different user groups were taken into account by designing unique content themes for each group and selecting appropriate influencers. The influencers were given the freedom to create content ideas that matched their target audience’s preferences.

The results of this target audience-centered influencer campaign speak for themselves: many influencer videos performed exceptionally well, with higher-than-average engagement levels. Most importantly, the launch of OREO Remix cookies was a commercial success.