Bängeri celebrates: TvMix’s “Nomppalive” shortlisted in TikTok Ad Awards 2023

Blog 18.10.2023

Gen Z advisors to collaborate in enhancing brand strategies and optimizing marketing communication. 

Nomppa-live parody was born during a creative workshop held with the target audience. By co-creating with the primary audience, the precision of content production significantly improves. Disclaimer: The video was never executed as a TikTok-live. 

The aim was to parody the eggshell-peeling live streams that had appeared on everyone’s TikTok For You Page, where no one had ever seen the peeling process completed. It was also possible to naturally incorporate ASMR aesthetics, bringing the content very close to the viewer amidst familiar trends and themes. 

“Our successful TikTok campaign focused on authenticity and creativity. Nomppa, the iconic TV Mix candy, evoked mixed feelings—some loved it, while others hated it. Leveraging its playful appeal, we collaborated with a rising influencer to capture the attention of numerous TikTok users. We incorporated a playful live format, including familiar greetings, steering away from traditional marketing messages. Instead, we invited users into an intriguing setup, revealing the candy’s inner secrets without its sprinkles. Inspired by trending eggshell peeling videos, our approach yielded a truly unique outcome.” -Terhi Halsvaha, Social & Digital Media Manager at Cloetta Finland