Target audience research and target audience workshop


Moccamaster is the market leader in the target audience of mature consumers. A beloved and traditional brand, it aims to maintain its position among younger consumers as well. Moccamaster wanted to determine how effectively its brand attributes resonate with the Generation Z and whether new main messages targeted at young consumers are needed. Additionally, there was a desire to understand the behavior of twenty-somethings across different stages of the purchasing journey and how their buying behavior could be influenced.


Bängeri recruited a group of young individuals who live independently and regularly consume coffee from various parts of Finland for the process. Initially, Bängeri conducted interview-based research with these young individuals to explore their coffee and coffee maker usage habits, preferences, purchasing behavior, and attitudes towards Moccamaster’s brand attributes. 

In the next phase, Bängeri facilitated a target audience workshop where representatives from the young target audience delved deeper into the findings from the interviews, focusing on perspectives such as:

  • The current brand perception and potential new main messages
  • Product inspiration in the early stages of the purchase journey
  • Influencing the consideration phase of the purchase journey
  • Preferred marketing actions for the target audience

As a result, Moccamaster received a summary of the findings, along with concrete recommendations and suggestions for brand marketing targeted at young consumers and sales promotion.  

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