Warner Music Finland

Strategic partnership


TikTok has become a crucial platform for the music industry. TikTok creates music-related trends that directly impact Spotify playlists. Warner Music Finland needed a comprehensive strategic partner for their marketing team to navigate the ever-changing TikTok landscape, serving the needs of both the record label and its artists. The goal was to establish a continuous TikTok marketing model that ensures strong TikTok presence for the label’s artists and their music finds its way onto the playlists of the TikTok audience.


The collaboration began with strategic work, from which a regularly updated playbook defined the ongoing TikTok marketing actions.

Bängeri was responsible for Warner Music Finland’s day-to-day TikTok marketing. This work included account maintenance and content creation tailored to the needs of the record label and artists. Additionally, Bängeri provided TikTok coaching for Finland’s top-tier artists.

At the core of the strategy was continuous co-creation with young content creators and influencers. This ensured audience-focused, timely, and accurate actions. 


Warner Music Finland’s TikTok account is the largest among record labels in Finland, and its practices have been replicated by Warner’s offices in other Nordic countries as well.

“Working with Bängeri has been fruitful from the beginning. They have understood our needs very well and are up to date. Additionally, Bängeri’s work is innovative, efficient, and inspiring. Warm recommendation!” – Aino-Kuutamo Uusitorppa, Senior Promotion & Influencer Manager, Warner Music Finland


Case: Smuuti Smuuti