Cloetta’s ‘Nomppa-live’ Takes TikTok Nordic Ad Awards 2023!

Blog 26.10.2023

We are thrilled to share the great news that Cloetta Finland, in partnership with Bängeri Ltd, has secured the top accolade at the TikTok Nordic Ad Awards 2023. Their campaign, “Nomppa-live,” shone bright in the “Greatest Creative” category, marking a significant win for Finnish creativity.

Cloetta Finland, a leader in the confectionery industry, joined forces with Bängeri Ltd, a prominent Gen Z agency, and Toinen PHD to create the award-winning “Nomppa-live” campaign, setting a new benchmark for creativity tailored to TikTok.

Finnish Ingenuity on TikTok: Finland’s distinctive standing on TikTok is characterized by a high content creation rate relative to its population. This highlights the significance of creativity in a landscape where competition for content quality is fierce.

Mastering TikTok’s Dynamic Algorithm: The ever-evolving TikTok algorithm presents challenges to content creators. Among more than 170 submissions, “Nomppa-live” stood out as one of the few selected for recognition.

The Winning Entry – “Nomppa-live”: This video not only met all criteria for successful creative content but also encapsulated Finnish creativity. It delivered a clear message, resonated with current trends, and engaged the target audience. The campaign featured multiple layers and incorporated ASMR, aligning seamlessly with TikTok’s organic trends, which contributed to the jury’s unanimous selection.
Terhi Halsvaha, Digital and Social Media Manager at Cloetta, expressed her delight, saying, “Bängeri challenged us to think innovatively, and the results underscore our fruitful collaboration. Receiving recognition at the Nordic level is a testament to Finland’s creative prowess. Crafting content for Gen Z pushed us to think beyond the ordinary. The campaign’s origin was inspired by the TikTok trend of eggshell peeling, and through collaborative efforts, it evolved into a live event parody, featuring playful elements, the introduction of the iconic TV Mix candy’s ‘Nomppanappi,’ ASMR effects, and a stellar performance by influencer Samuel Chime (Chimbula).”
This achievement not only marks a victory but also solidifies Cloetta and Bängeri’s position as pioneers of creativity in the digital advertising landscape. :trophy::sparkles:

Comment from the jury:

”It’s not just about finding your audience on a platform, it’s also about you having them stay with you, and engage with you. The jury were all in agreement that there was so many layers to this campaign and its creative execution, that’s we could help but smile when we absorbed it. This campaign has it all, parts oddly satisfying, parts ASMR and many other trends baked into one. But when it’s all peeled away, what we saw was just brilliant work, spot on for its audience and not pixel perfect, but rather sound satisfaction at the highest level.”